Showreel 2016
HR Magazine - 25th Anniversary Cover
Radio Times - The Power Of Music
9 Squares
Logo - Motion Graphics Loop
Computer Arts - Animation and Illustration
Inner Thought - Interactive Animation
HR Magazine - Technology Supplement
Thomas Cook Travel Magazine.
Tri Walk - Animation
Vintage Performance - Men's Fitness Magazine
Grayscaled - Animated Geometric Studies
Animated Geometric Studies.
APEX Magazine - Overhead Space
3D Geometric Studies
3D Type Animation & Render
The Runner - Illustration & Animation
Bright Idea - Illustration & Animation
Secret 7" Exhibition
PREVIEW - Seven Deadly Sins
Men's Fitness - Triathlon, Calisthenics & Ironman
Men's Fitness - Climbing, Adventure Race & Marathon
Men's Fitness - Crossfit, Gymnastics & Strongman
Men's Fitness - Trail Running, Indoor Climbing
Men's Fitness - 10k & Open Water Swimming
Sun Block
Radio Times - Selected Illustrations
Pen and Tape Abstracts
Dialogue Review - 'Public Opinion'
Post-It - Animation and Design
Viva! Le Tour. 2015 Special Edition Print
HR Magazine - 'Grow Influence'
Radio Times - Good Friday livery
HR Magazine - Talent
Dialogue Review - Agility
'Float On' Print.
Radio Times - Fauste
Political Illustrations
Vive Le Tour - Exclusive Giclee Print
Head Banging
CNBC Magazine - Selected Editor's Letter Illustrations
Selected Editorials
Union Jacked
RWW Magazine - Budget Recycling
LTE Magazine Cover - In Car Connectivity.
Rowans Bowl - Advertising
The Very Winding Road
Digital Arts - Masterclass
HR Magazine - Standard Bearers
Eye Eye
Defy Gravity - GicleƩ Cycling Print
APEX Magazine - Loose Seats
FSS Magazine - Sowing The Seed
The Journal - The Cost Of Green
B-Spirit Magazine - Privately Educated
The Journal - Selected Illustrations
APEX Magazine - Flying Rights
CNBC Magazine - Credit Raters
CNBC Magazine - Business Schools
HR Magazine - Flexible Benefits
HR Magazine - HR On Board
HSJ Magazine - Super Doc
Octo 3D Animation & Ipad Screen Saver
MacFormat - You TV
Lance - I Never Called Her Fat
LGC Magazine - Social Care cover.
PC Pro - Security Bubble
TS Today - Red Tape
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